Sharing the Greatest Gifts of Gardening: Ageless Gardens Returns to VisionTV



A brand new season of your favourite gardening show has arrived to VisionTV! The gorgeous and uplifting series Ageless Gardens returns with more personal stories about the therapeutic power of gardening and its impact on our health and vitality.

Season 4 of Ageless Gardens premieres Mondays at 9pm ET, from February 13 through March 13, 2023.

Season 4 was filmed and produced by Gemini Award-winning director and cinematographer Ian Toews and Mark Bradley of 291 Film Company. The musical score was again composed by Amanda Cawley, a 2022 Canadian Screen Award and Canadian Screen Music Award nominee for Best Original Music Non-fiction for Season 3 of Ageless Gardens. Since 2018, the series and its talented creators have picked up 14 notable award nominations all together including three Best Documentary Series nods from the Leo Awards honouring the best of the year in TV and film in B.C.

The fourth edition of Ageless Gardens features a wide range of gardeners from across Canada, including obsessed plant collectors, lawn bowlers, nature sanctuary volunteers, marathon runners, writers, and renowned visual artists. Each with a shared love of gardening, they are able to find meaning and purpose among the plants while inviting the audience into their unique worlds.

While Season 4 explores a variety of gardening benefits, it largely highlights the mental, physical, and spiritual healing that gardening can bring for those who need it most. In Episode 2, “Gardening for the Joy of It”, journalist Michele Landsburg of Toronto opens up about the year she spent battling cancer while simultaneously planting her garden. “I had a year off while I had what could be a fatal illness, and that was when I started gardening. I got so much joy,” Landsburg recalls. “ I had time to explore the garden at that very moment when it did me so much good. I felt the garden had saved my life.”

The episode also features retired professor Valerie Gonzales as she forges ahead after a shocking health diagnosis by running marathons and ridding local parks of invasive species. The two forms of exercise complement one another, helping Gonzales to maintain her age-defying athleticism and positive outlook on life. “I’m not somebody’s idea of a typical 76-year-old,” says Gonzales. “ I do the things I’m passionate about. I make room for them in my life. Things don’t have to go perfectly. I’m still doing it, and loving it.”

Proving, as always, that gardening is truly ageless, 90-year old gardener Brigitte Bellstedt, amazingly, continues to do all of her own gardening in the community of Kincardine, Ontario on Lake Huron. The vegetables she grows keep her in such good health that she lives medication-free.

“I read once, if you want to be happy, make a garden, and I can say that is very true,” notes Bellstedt.

Enjoy Ageless Gardens Mondays at 9pm ET / 6pm PT from February 13 through March 13.

For much more on Ageless Gardens visit the series official website.



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