Annie Murphy and Her Mum Get East Coast Adventurous in Premiere of 50 Ways to Kill Your Mum



In the premiere episode of VisionTV’s brand new family adventure travel series 50 Ways to Kill Your Mum, Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy and her mum Deb visit Newfoundland for a week full of daring adventures that will push newly retired Deb out of her comfort zone and ready to take on a new chapter of life.
Annie’s mum Deb is a recently retired teacher who likes things to be neat, orderly, and most importantly, in her control. Deb’s first challenge is letting go of the reigns and putting her trust in Annie without knowing what’s in store for the action-packed week ahead.
50 Ways to Kill Your Mum - S1E1 - Annie and Deb Murphy
“I think her claustrophobia is a bit of an issue,” says Annie. “And she’s afraid of heights. But also, I think her retirement is the time to push herself.”
“I’m the one who plans. I’m the one who takes care of people,” says Deb. “To give up that control to Annie… I’m having a hard time with it.”

The first challenge starts seemingly easy enough with mountain biking, but quickly becomes more difficult with steep vertical climbs and jumps that Annie and Deb won’t be able to avoid. After a few slight hiccups, will Deb be able to conquer the mountains and gain some confidence in surviving the first task? Unfortunately, that won’t help much for the next challenge which will force Deb to confront one of her biggest fears – claustrophobia.
Annie takes Deb kayaking and diving in the icy Atlantic water for the second challenge. The combination of a restrictive wet suit, being confined to the kayak and venturing through small, dark caves triggers Deb’s fear of enclosed spaces, but once she gets into it, will the awe-inspiring surroundings override her misgivings? “I thought I’d feel claustrophobic in the cave, but I don’t,” says Deb. “It’s so remarkable. I’ve never seen scenery like this before.”

The final challenge is the hardest one yet for Deb, and she’s never been more frightened. Annie prepares to take her zip lining over a beautiful gorge hundreds of feet above the ground, and Deb can’t help but feel panicked. It takes her a moment to decide whether or not she wants to do it, and Annie gives her the perfect pep talk to help get her through.
“I think you can do this,” Annie reassures her. “And I think what you need to do is channel excitement and enthusiasm and exuberance and love of adventure.” After a deep breath, Deb is ready. “Thank you, that was the right thing to say,” she tells Annie.

By the end of her thrill-filled week, will Deb be left amazed by how far she was able to push herself and enjoy the challenges? “It felt scary sometimes, but it just also felt full of promise,” says Deb. “I think heading forward for me, what I feel like what I’m really going to be able to do is let go of things. I don’t have to be perfect.”
50 Ways to Kill Your Mum airs Mondays at 9pm ET through September 16th on VisionTV.

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