Poldark Stars Chat About Drake & Morwenna’s Unbreakable Bond



One of the most captivating storylines of “Poldark” season three was that of Drake (Harry Richardson) and Morwenna’s (Ellise Chappell) forbidden romance. Separated by class and battles between families, the duo’s attempts at making a relationship work has thus far led to more heartbreaking moments, than heart-warming ones.

When not facing struggles, what we’ve seen from the Drake and Morwenna romance is a pair of youthful, loving individuals who believe that they are each other’s soul mate. What’s allowed this bond to really shine on-screen is the undeniable chemistry in which Richardson and Chappell exhibit while performing together.

Here, Richardson and Chappell provide some further perspective on the complicated tale of Drake and Morwenna:

Poldark - Season 3

“Drake and Morwenna instantly have a timeless connection and a very relatable love where two people fall for each other that are in completely different worlds and social classes,” offered Richardson. “Everything is pulling them apart, but the one thing they know to be true is their instant passion for each other. They are also quite beautifully youthful in their affection in a way that is innocent and is all give, which is lovely. Drake is a huge romantic, but I guess we all are when we find someone who we fall head over heels for.”

Drake & Morwenna - Poldark - S3

“Morwenna builds this amazing relationship with Drake (Carne) who is someone that allows her to see new possibilities and ideas. Morwenna has grown up a certain way and is very aware of the rules and boundaries that society has set upon her,” noted Chappell. “Drake is an eye opener for her and shows her that perhaps things don’t always have to be a certain way. Drake opens up a care free version of Morwenna who enjoys life and laughter and the two of them form this incredible bond, they are kindred spirits and it’s really lovely and so it is extremely sad when that is jeopardized.”

-Adam Grant

In this Poldark Insider, Ellise Chappell and Harry Richardson give us insight on their roles as Elizabeth’s cousin Morwenna and Demelza’s brother Drake, and the sweet but star-crossed romance that develops between them. In Poldark Seasons 4 and 5, Drake and Morwenna’s tumultuous story continues. Will they find their way back to each other? Find out when you can watch further episodes.

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