At Her Majesty’s Service: Hanging Out at Hillsborough Castle



At Her Majesty's Service - Ireland

In “At Her Majesty’s Service,” beloved British actress Penelope Keith (of “Hidden Villages”) sets out to give fans of everything Royal a detailed expedition through the four corners of the Union – England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales.
Episode three (which airs Monday, June 18 at 8pm ET/5pm PT) sees Keith celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday at Her Majesty’s official Royal residence in Northern Ireland, Hillsborough Castle.
Without providing too many spoilers, here is just some of what Keith will present to you on the third episode of “At Her Majesty’s Service.”
State Drawing Room
 At Her Majesty's Service - Ireland
Whether you’re a Royal, or an average citizen, we all need a place to kick back and relax. At Hillsborough Castle, Keith takes us inside the lovely State Drawing Room, a spacious art-filled area, complete with masterful seating and plenty of attention-grabbing family artefacts. Along the way, a stunning portrait of Queen Elizabeth II cutely takes Keith aback. Despite its age, this painting remains a dazzling piece of art worthy of stopping a person in their tracks.
Throne Room

At Her Majesty's Service - Ireland
As its name would suggest, this space within Hillsborough Castle features a pair of thrones that scream history. You see, both show various signs of wear and tear, especially when it comes to the fabric of the seats and arms. However, considering their age and all of the memories and important moments attached to them, the decision on whether or not to reupholster them has come up multiple times. Of course, Keith has an excellent opinion to offer on this matter. 

The Gardens
 At Her Majesty's Service - Ireland
On the outside, the Hillsborough Castle has an incredible 100-acre gardens area that has been brightening up the land since the 1760s. The diverse outdoor space includes formal gardens, woodland, and meadows. What’s more, it also has trees in which Queen Elizabeth II has put in the ground during her visits. Here, Keith will introduce you to the man responsible for making sure Her Majesty always gets to have a great look at her garden.
-Adam Grant

At Her Majesty's Service - Ireland

At Her Majesty’s Service” airs Mondays (through June 25) at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

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