Little House on the Prairie’s Alison Arngrim Gets Her Own Radio Show



During her time on “Little House on the Prairie,” actress Alison Arngrim starred as outspoken troublemaker Nellie Oleson. She wasn’t the good girl of the series (like Melissa Gilbert’s Laura Ingalls), but that didn’t stop Arngrim from going on to become a fan favourite.

Now, fans will have access to Arngrim on a weekly basis, thanks to a program the actress will host on “The Alison Arngrim Show” will air Tuesdays at 5pm PT/8pm ET, beginning June 12.

“Because of my history and all the people I’ve worked with over the years, there will be an element of entertainment nostalgia to the show,” said Arngrim in an interview with The Spectrum. “For instance, I’m planning to interview the cast from ‘The Waltons.’ And for the first show, I’ve rounded up cast members from ‘Little House.’ These were programs that made people feel good, so fans should enjoy it.”

“The Little House on the Prairie” stars set to appear on Arngrim’s maiden voyage for include Dean Butler, Karen Grassle, Rachel Greenbush and Charlotte Stewart.

Little House Logic 3

Little House on the Prairie” airs Weekdays at 4pm ET/1pm PT on VisionTV!

Moving forward, however, Arngrim doesn’t plan on strictly focusing the show on celebrities and the entertainment industry.

“I’m especially interested in people who are doing good things to make the world a better place,” added Arngrim. “People like Anson Williams from ‘Happy Days’ who invented a product called Alert Drops that saves lives by preventing people from falling asleep when driving. That’s the kind of thing I like to hear. Maybe we’ll have guests who talk about food or our favorite toys from back in the 60s and 70s. I know that kind of nostalgia is popular with a lot of my fans. But I think there’s also room for guests who are not in show business and have a really interesting story to share, like people working to stop child abuse and other important issues.”

Alison Arngrim

Argrim noted that she wasn’t openly pursuing a job in radio, but a friend who works at UBN presented her with the opportunity. She added that the reaction people have had to her taking on this gig has been “overwhelming.”

Now that Arngrim will be the interviewer, as opposed to the interviewee, she is hoping to give audiences an engaging experience.

“I’m so excited about planning who all the guests will be,” said Arngrim. “I’ve been interviewed many times since I was 7-years-old, so I know what the good questions are, what draws people out to talk and how to make a guest comfortable. I also plan to ask questions that I think the audience wants to hear. I’m looking forward to a great selection of guests for listeners.”

-Adam Grant

Alison Arngrim - Little House on the Prairie

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