Poldark’s Eleanor Tomlinson Speaks Up About #MeToo Movement



For months upon months now, celebrities have spoken up about instances of alleged sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry. Former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey are just two of the central figures to have been called out by some of their industry mates for questionable past behaviour.

Together, those who have dealt with sexual harassment, assault, or discrimination and spoken out about it, have found themselves part of the #MeToo movement. The goal, in many ways, is to allow victims of such misconduct to feel comfortable about sharing their experiences.

Recently in an interview with The Sunday Times, “Poldark” actress Eleanor Tomlinson spoke about the poor behaviour that can go on behind the scenes in the acting community.

Eleanor Tomlinson - Poldark Season 3

“I have been incredibly lucky. My parents are actors; they’ve been the safety blanket around me. But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been aware of stuff happening. And it is rotten,” relayed Tomlinson.

“But I think now is the time for change – because I for one will not stand in an industry where I don’t feel safe, or other women around me don’t feel safe,” continued Tomlinson. “If there’s a woman who’s less experienced, I always make a point of befriending her so she has someone to talk to – I remember what it was like at 19 on the set of ‘Jack the Giant Slayer.’”

As much as Tomlinson appears to appreciate the fact that a movement is happening, she believes it is now time for more action, and less talking and tweeting.

Eleanor Tomlinson - Poldark Season 3

“I don’t want to hear another speech about [the #MeToo movement],” said Tomlinson. “I don’t want to see another tweet about it. I want it to be put into action.”

And, it’s not just about sexual misconduct for Tomlinson. It’s also about equality in the workplace.

She added: “I want to see some scripts written by women and projects being directed by women.”
-Adam Grant

Eleanor Tomlinson - Poldark Season 3

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