CARP Launches Stand Up Straight and Move Our Buns to Preserve Your Mind Campaign



As we age, there are many excuses we can make regarding why we don’t exercise. We can feel like we’re too old, or out of shape, to get back into a dedicated fitness regimen. Certain health issues may have caused a loss of mobility. We can also convince ourselves that it is too intimidating, time-consuming and expensive to do.
However, there are many forms of physical activity (i.e. walking, swimming, light aerobics and weightlifting) that make getting fit a fun, interactive, and mentally stimulating experience.
With that in mind CARP – a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization that advocates for financial security and improved health care for Canadians as we age – has launched its Stand Up Straight and Move Our Buns to Preserve Your Mind Campaign.

Mondays from March 19 to April 17 (9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT) get into gear with an encore presentation of “Longevity Road Trip”!

In this globetrotting series, Zoomer-aged couples embark on journeys as unique as they are. Each trek is designed to explore and extend the limits of aging and ultimately, to keep them young. You can learn more about this series in the video above.

This important ‘Stand Up Straight…’ initiative is “devoted to rousing [CARP] members and the general public to take an active part in maintaining their health and vitality as they age.”

Moses Znaimer - CARP - Stand Up Straight

Explains CARP and ZoomerMedia President, Moses Znaimer: “There is a mountain of literature on the benefits of physical activity. Prescribing exercise for our gang may be more important than prescribing medications.”
In this special ZNews report, Darrin Maharaj introduces us to the Stand Up Straight and Move Your Buns to Preserve Your Mind Campaign, as well as an eclectic collection of Zoomers who have embraced active lifestyles.
-Adam Grant

Stay tuned for a future episode of theZoomer as host Marissa Semkiw, and a group of health experts, take a deeper dive into the subject of maintaining a healthy lifestyle as we age.

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