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Martin Clunes - Doc Martin

Throughout 2017, VisionTV was proud to present a wonderful selection of powerful period dramas, fantastic family shows, alongside a diverse collection of comedies, films, music series, and thought-provoking documentaries.

Along the way, we enjoyed sharing articles with you that related back to some of the popular actors, topics and themes you see while watching VisionTV. 

With 2017 about to bid us adieu, we thought it’d be fun to look back on 10 of the most popular articles to have appeared on this past year. 

Michael Learned - The Waltons

How Michael Learned Arrived on Walton’s Mountain

The Waltons” airs weekdays at 5pm ET/2pm PT.

With “The Waltons,” actress Michael Learned took on a role that wound up changing her life forever. However, as great of an experience as her time as Olivia Walton was, the actress still has one sizeable regret.

“There’s been times when I’ve regretted [leaving the series] only in that it probably would have been better to complete the whole show,” explained Learned in an interview with Fox News. “I just couldn’t do it anymore… and also, I felt a lot of the times I was sitting around for 14 hours saying, ‘More coffee John.’ The fact is I was bored. And I thought I had enough money, which wasn’t true.” [Click here for the full article]

Aidan Turner - Poldark

Aidan Turner Recalls How Poldark Landed on His Doorstep

Poldark” Season 2 encore begins Wednesday, February 28 at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

Poldark” Season 3 premieres Wednesday, May 9 at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

Sometimes, a life-changing role just falls into your lap. On other occasions, it’s delivered to your door by a courier.

“There was a knock on the door and a FedEx guy handed me four books and eight [‘Poldark’] scripts with a note saying, we’d like you to play this role,” said Turner in an interview with the Examiner. “It’s a surreal moment. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. As I was taking this package off the FedEx guy, my agent called and she said, this might happen.” [Click here for the full article]

Kami Cotler - The Waltons

Q&A: Waltons Actress Kami Cotler on Acting & Her Rewarding New Life

The Waltons” airs weekdays at 5pm ET/2pm PT.

While starring in “The Waltons,” actress, turned member of the education industry, Kami Cotler, learned a valuable trait that she continues to apply through life.

“I think appreciating difference. If I hadn’t been on the show, I would have been raised in a middle class Los Angeles suburb and rarely interact with anyone different than myself,” said Cotler in an interview with “Because of actors and crew I met on the show, my world was vastly expanded. Meeting fans also enabled me to interact with a wide range of folks. It helped me understand how we can be different, and still be good people.” [Click here for the full article]

Bryan Adams

10 Great Songs for Canada 150, eh! 

Unlike a big chunk of the world, we’ve had a longstanding tradition of birthing super-talented musicians who have provided us Canadian’s with a mighty national soundtrack. On the world’s music stage, few can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those in the Great White North! [Click here for the full article]

Canada Money - 150

The Canada 150 $10 Bank Note is Here…and it is Beautiful!

This summer, Canada’s birthday was celebrated with the release of a mightily attractive, Canada 150 $10 bank note.

This special piece of currency features: Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minister; Sir George-Étienne Cartier, a principal architect of Canadian federalism; Agnes Macphail, the first woman elected to the Canadian House of Commons; and James Gladstone, or Akay-na-muka (his Blackfoot name), Canada’s first senator of First Nations origin. [Click here for the full article]

Murdoch Mysteries - Show Page

Murdoch Mysteries’ Yannick Bisson Gets Star Struck During Flight

Murdoch Mysteries” airs weeknights at 6pm ET/3pm PT

Chances are “Murdoch Mysteries” leading man, Yannick Bisson, has encountered star struck fans that turn to mush upon meeting him. Earlier this year, Bisson found himself on the other side of the equation, as he discovered Rush’s Geddy Lee sitting across the aisle from him on an airplane. [Click here for the full article]

Gord Downie - The Tragically Hip

Gord Downie Continues to Rock Despite Terminal Cancer

Less than a month before The Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie passed away following a courageous battle with brain cancer, his brother Mike reflected on the musician’s final tour.

“The shows have always been incredibly taxing and draining,” said Mike Downie in an interview with The Globe and Mail. “But with the events that led up to him before this tour, a lot had been taken away from Gord. Being out on stage, gave him something back. He used up a lot of what he had, but he got a lot back.” [Click here for the full article]

Doc Martin - Season 8

Doc Martin is Coming Back for Two More Seasons!

Doc Martin” airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, including “Doc Martin.” In March, it was revealed that the incredibly popular series would conclude following two more seasons.

“The Doc is as obstinate as ever, but he is trying his best to be a better husband and father,” commented series star, Martin Clunes, when describing Dr. Ellingham’s season eight demeanor. [Click here for the full article]

Helen George - Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife’s Helen George Reveals Her Baby’s Name

Call the Midwife” Season 6 premieres Wednesday, January 3 at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

In October, “Call the Midwife” actress Helen George took to Instagram to announce the birth of her first child. In photos with George, along with her partner and co-star Jack Ashton, it was revealed that their little bundle of joy arrived early, and ahead of her own baby shower. Thus, she too was able to attend. Shortly thereafter, the public was let in on the little bundle of joy’s name. [Click here for the full article]

Team Canada 72 - Esposito

Reflecting on the Star Power of Team Canada ‘72

This past September marked the 45th anniversary of Team Canada ’72 and their triumphant performance at the 1972 Summit Series versus Team Russia. In this feature, we took a closer look at the long-list of hockey legends who suited up for one of the most important hockey tournaments to ever be iced. [Click here for the full article]

-Adam Grant

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