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Throughout December, take a trip down memory lane with us through a series of 2017 News in Review features. Here, we’ll look back at some of the best news articles that focused on the stars of your favourite VisionTV series.

There are a lot of reasons to love “Doc Martin.” But, it can be argued that the engaging cast of characters is really what makes the TV series soar. Whether it’s Dr. Ellingham being humorously short with patients; Bert funnily trying to keep a bad business idea afloat; or Mrs. Tishell acting oddly behind the counter of the pharmacy, there is a lot to enjoy. 
As “Doc Martin” funnily rolls through its eighth season, we continue to marvel at the strength of this ensemble and how each actor successfully complements one another.

The final two episodes of “Doc Martin” season eight can be seen Tuesday, December 19 and 26 at 8pm ET/5pm PT! 

Doc Martin - Martin Clunes - Smiling

Martin Clunes Enjoys “Punishing” his Doc Martin Character 

Martin Clunes has proven time and time again that he is not a mirror image of his “Doc Martin” character. Surely that must be a relief to those close to him, but it also means that Clunes really has to flip the switch when it comes time to film the series. 
“At the beginning of a new series I have to think, ‘am I being him or impersonating him?’ It’s generally better to be him,” explained Martin Clunes in an interview with the Mirror.
“I enjoy punishing him,” added Clunes when asked what he loves the most about his ‘Doc Martin’ character. “If he’s too cocky, just smack him down. I love that the whole set is designed to be too small for me – that’s a fact – so I have to duck under door frames, and he is always banging his head on things.” [Click here for the full article]

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Doc Martin’s Eileen Atkins Wishes Aunt Ruth Was Ruder 

As Aunt Ruth on “Doc Martin,” Eileen Atkins successfully portrays one of the few characters capable of putting Martin in his place. She is tough, smart, independent and blunt when she needs to be.
However, if you were to ask Atkins, she thinks that the Aunt Ruth character should be even more forthright. 
“It is not a hard part to play. Shall we say that?” responded Atkins when asked by TV Times about the similarities between Aunt Ruth and she. “I love playing her, yes. I wish she was even ruder and tarter!” [Click here for the full article] 

Doc Martin’s John Marquez: From Guest Star to Series Standout

Prior to joining the cast of “Doc Martin” in 2007, John Marquez was a working actor who jumped from role to role, trying to make a name for himself. When he was first cast as the loveable, but bumbling police officer PC Penhale, Marquez didn’t expect such a long, fruitful tenure on the series.
“I went in to the third series having been told they were just doing one more,” recalled Marquez in an interview with in10. “I’d have been happy to do one episode, so one series was amazing. If you’d said to me then that I’d still be doing it 10 years later, I’d have laughed.”
Now, Port Isaac – the community in which “Doc Martin” is filmed – has become a home away from home for Marquez.
“I have a lovely place that overlooks the village and I sit there in the evening and think how grateful I am,” offered Marquez. “It really hasn’t changed. They haven’t had to build or add anything. We just come, film and then leave it as we’ve found it. The unchanging nature is the beauty.” [Click here for the full article]
-Adam Grant

Doc Martin - Season 8

The final two episodes of “Doc Martin” season eight can be seen Tuesday, December 19 and 26 at 8pm ET/5pm PT!

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