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On season seven of “Doc Martin,” fans of the series were treated to a memorable appearance from immensely respected actress, Sigourney Weaver. As Beth Traywick, Weaver played a to-the-point-tourist who did her best to get Martin to let his guard down and be just the slightest bit personable. Sadly, she didn’t achieve her goal.

However, in season eight, Traywick will have another shot at the grumpy doctor as it’s been confirmed that Weaver will be returning to the series for another guest appearance. For the star of “Alien” and “Ghostbusters,” getting back to “Doc Martin” was a big priority – so much so, she pushed back her filming commitments for the “Avatar” sequel.

“I made Avatar rework their schedules so I could be [there],” said Weaver in an interview with Radio Times. “People expect me to behave in a grand manner, but it’s not like I’m John Travolta. Having a cameo in ‘Doc Martin’ is a dream job for me.”

Sigourney Weaver - Doc Martin 8

The North American television premiere of “Doc Martin” season eight can be seen Tuesday, November 7 at 8pm ET/5pm PT!

Weaver was turned onto “Doc Martin” thanks to close friend and series star Selina Cadell (Sally Tishell). The two would discuss the possibility of Weaver appearing on “Doc Martin,” but it wasn’t until she had drinks with Martin and Philippa Clunes that getting onto the show became a real possibility.

“They sent messages via Selina asking if I’d appear in series seven and again in series eight,” recalled Weaver. “Of course I did!”

Interestingly enough, Weaver’s involvement with “Doc Martin” led to another Hollywood-heavyweight expressing a desire to follow in her footsteps.

“Harvey Keitel really wants to be in ‘Doc Martin’ as well – for real,” said Martin Clunes in a chat with What’s on TV. “I don’t know if we can find a space for him. We don’t want to go down the novelty-casting route, but he heard Sigourney was in it and said he wanted to be in it, too.”

-Adam Grant

Doc Martin Season 8

The North American television premiere of “Doc Martin” season eight can be seen Tuesdays (8pm ET/5pm PT) from November 7 to December 26!

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