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Cold Feet

After 13 years away, the sixth season of “Cold Feet” saw Adam (James Nesbitt) reunite with his mates Pete, Karen, Jenny, David, as well as his teenaged son Matthew. Upon his return, Adam married his latest love, Angela, but soon split up with her for a number of reasons.

One big reason for that breakup was that Adam decided it’d be best to stay in Manchester to improve the bond he had with his Matthew. At the time, little could he have known that another important relationship would be coming his way: the one with his landlady Tina.

As Tina, actress Leanne Best astutely portrays a woman whose troubled past has scared her off of commitment. Like Adam, Tina knows the pain of loving then losing. Thus, when faced with the reality that she and Adam could be connecting on a romantic level, early alarm bells were sounded.

Cold Feet

In season seven of “Cold Feet” (which premieres Wednesday, November 1 at 10pm ET/7pm PT on VisionTV), Tina and Adam endeavour to see just what kind of future they might have together, following an unusual courting process.

“Tina wasn’t sitting around waiting for Prince Charming, so falling head-over-heels in love with Adam was almost a bit inconvenient,” explained Best during an interview with the TV Times. “People always ask me whether I enjoy playing strong women, like it’s an oddity. All the women I know are strong – but they’re also vulnerable, messy, romantic and unsure of things. That’s what I love about Tina – she’s a little ball of contradiction and we’re all a bit like that. I’d definitely go for a drink with our Tina!”

Cold Feet

Fortunately, Best is now able to go for drinks with more than just her character. In season six, Tina was largely featured in Adam’s world, with not a lot of crossover into his circle of friends. But, as the storyline has evolved, so has Best’s relationship with the rest of the “Cold Feet” cast.

“Last year, I was the landlady over the hall, so most of my scenes were in the hall or in Tina’s flat with Jimmy,” commented Best. “I could go days or weeks without seeing any of the other cast, but they’d always give me a tinkle if they were going out for dinner. So it’s been lovely this year to actually have scenes with Hermione [Norris] and Fay [Ripley], who are just brilliant, brilliant women. We’ve had a few little nights out, too!”

-Adam Grant

Cold Feet S7 - Premiere

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