Michelle Dockery “positive” a Downton Abbey Movie will Happen



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After years of success, the “Downton Abbey” finale aired in 2016. By and large, fans were satisfied with how the series ended, but only to a point. Once it was clear that new episodes would not be coming, fans and pundits began to campaign even harder about getting a “Downton Abbey” movie done.

Since then, series founder Julian Fellowes and various members of the cast have been questioned about the possibility of “Downton Abbey” becoming a film. All have had varying responses. Maggie Smith, for instance, turned her nose up at the idea. Meanwhile, Hugh Bonneville and Joanne Froggatt expressed interest. Fellowes, for his part, has never kicked the idea to the curb – he even floated the controversial idea of a prequel if it became too challenging to get original cast members involved.

Let’s not even get started about the mystery script that may or may not exist.

“Yeah, the phantom script – nobody knows. We’ll see,” commented star Michelle Dockery during an interview with the Independent.

Perhaps a movie should be made about all the chatter attached to the possible making of a “Downton Abbey” movie?

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Regardless, you can count Dockery as yet another cast member who would be happy to get down again with Downton.

“Ending Downton was very bittersweet for everyone,” said Dockery, who played Lady Mary Crawley in the series. “It did feel like something that would go on forever and felt like the audience didn’t want it to end. I think that’s why talk of the movie is just endless.”

With said fan appetite being at the level it is, Dockery is hopeful that the “Downton Abbey” movie becomes more than just a talking point.

“I’m positive something will happen at some stage,” concluded Dockery. “But it is proving difficult to get together a big ensemble cast like ours. We’ll just have to see. But I’m not bored of Mary.”

-Adam Grant

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