Could a Downton Abbey & Victoria Theme Park be Coming to London?



Downton Abbey & Victoria Combo

If you have ever wanted to get extra up-close and personal with brilliant British dramas like “Downton Abbey” and “Victoria,” a proposed mini theme park should add an extra sugar cube to your tea.
According to a report by the Evening Standard, ITV – the British broadcaster behind the likes of “Downton Abbey” and “Victoria” – is looking into constructing a visitor attraction in London’s Zone 1.
A brochure sent to those in the property industry by ITV’s Commerce and Ventures department, notes that the venue would feature a 100-seat auditorium for “immersive cinematic presentations,” as well as a restaurant. What’s more, visitors would have the opportunity to get an in-person look at sets, costumes and artifacts you’d see in ITV series.
While this hope for “a place for drama to live in London” is said to be in its early stages, ITV has enlisted the assistance of national commercial property consultant company, Lambert Smith Hampton, to seek out a spot capable of housing a site upwards of 20,000 square feet.
Downton Abbey S6E1
The goal, said the Evening Standard, is for the venue to open in 2018.
ITV didn’t comment directly on whether or not it is officially pursuing this endeavor, but did release the following statement:
“As part of our business, we have a team which operates experiential events around our programs…[we] are always looking at new ways to expand this and bring in new program brands.”
Of course, if these plans do come to fruition, we’ll be sure to let you know!
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-Adam Grant

Prince Albert - Victoria

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