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Miranda Hart

If you’ve followed Miranda Hart’s career closely, what you’ve come to learn very quickly is that she’s a tremendously versatile talent capable of performing, successfully, in both comedic and dramatic roles. But, her skills didn’t emerge overnight.

In 1994, Hart cut her teeth at the Edinburgh Festival, slowly but surely learning the ropes of what it takes to be an entertainer. For a little more than a decade, Edinburgh would be the place where Hart partook in stand-up gigs and sketch comedy routines.

From there, Hart would work her way toward the hit comedy “Miranda”; the massively acclaimed “Call the Midwife”; plus a stand-up career that has led to filled arenas.

When comparing the collaborative work she has done onscreen with the solo work she does onstage, Hart has admitted that one of those situations feels far more pressure-packed than the other.

Miranda - Christmas Special 2014

“The pressure is definitely off when I’m touring [my stand-up] because I haven’t got five cameras trained on me and the show won’t be on national television,” said Hart in an interview with “People ask me, ‘Aren’t you terrified performing at those huge arenas?’ But the answer is ‘no’.

“The pressure of making the sitcom has its own benefits because after that nothing seems as frightening,” continued Hart. “The sitcom went out to 10 million people, which is crazy. That art form is the [highest] pressure imaginable, so the live show is much less scary. It’s more a case of anything goes.”

Regardless of the medium she’s performing at any given time, Hart has become famous. But, to her credit, she hasn’t let that spotlight change who she is.

“I got into acting and comedy slowly over 15 years. Adverts, then shows like ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ and ‘Ab Fab.’ I started to get recognized. It was my sitcom, then ‘Call the Midwife’ that made me realize I was well known,” offered Hart in a chat with “I still don’t feel famous, though. Nothing really changes – I’m just silly old me.”

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-Adam Grant

Call the Midwife - Season 4

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