Reliving Agatha Raisin S1E8: Here Comes the Bride…and the Ex



Agatha Raisin - S1E8

When Agatha moved to the small village of Caresly, her goal was to find happiness in a community not as driven by daily hustle and bustle. Along the way, Agatha made a wide cross-section of friends, developed an uncanny ability to solve murders and fall in love.

Love moved pretty fast for Agatha, bringing her to the alter with the man of her dreams: James. This noble, thoughtful, yet strong-willed individual captured Agatha’s heart quickly and her larger-than-life personality eventually reeled him in. However, as the two prepared to marry during an intimate, if not modest ceremony in Caresly, the man of Agatha’s nightmares appeared out of the blue: Jimmy Raisin.

Now living in squalor, Jimmy is Agatha’s first husband. Upon his entrance into the church, Agatha is in shock to see this haggard piece of her past reappear. After all, she assumed Jimmy had died. James, who was also under this impression, becomes riddled by confusion and embarrassment. Unfortunately for Agatha – since she believed Jimmy to be dead – a proper divorce was never explored. Alas, they are still legally married and Agatha’s plans to marry James have been curtailed.

Short on cash, Jimmy agrees to sign off on a quickie divorce for 200 Quid. Even though this appears to clear the path for a union between Agatha and James, things aren’t going to be that simple. With James feeling very betrayed, he lets it be known that a marriage between Agatha and he will not happen in the future.

Understandably, Agatha is heartbroken by this and seeks refuge at Gemma’s home. You see, after getting engaged to James, Agatha sold her cottage in Caresly to a woman named Karen Hardy. Not only can Agatha no longer stay at James’ home, but also Karen doesn’t want to sell the cottage back to her.

Perhaps as a way to let off some steam, Agatha goes for a lengthy bike ride. Along the way a drunken Jimmy appears in her path. He’s already blown through all the money given to him to take a hike, but wants more out of Agatha. When she refuses, a physical struggle takes place, leading to Agatha whacking Jimmy. He rolls down the hill and hits the bottom with a thud. Fearing for her safety, Agatha gets out of there fast.

Agatha Raisin - Season 1

What Agatha didn’t count on was Karen witnessing this violent exchange. Instead of carrying on with her day, Karen reported the incident to DCI Wilkes and DC Bill Wong, leading to Agatha’s arrest. No, Jimmy didn’t just have some serious bruising, rather, he was found dead at the bottom of the hill.

During her conversation with DCI Wilkes and Bill, Agatha admits to whacking Jimmy and explains why she did so. What’s more, she vehemently denies having intentionally killed him.

Needless to say, Agatha appears pretty concerned about what could happen to her next. While in the holding cell, she is very surprised to see James enter. He explains to Agatha that Jimmy didn’t die as a result of blunt force. Instead, he was strangled to death. Since footsteps were found near Jimmy’s dead body, police figured that James could’ve gotten his hands on Agatha’s ex. Fortunately, James’ good friend Sir Charles Fraith bails the duo out of jail.

With Agatha and James’ futures in the balance, Roy investigates Jimmy. Firstly, Roy meets Lizzie, Jimmy’s latest partner. Along the way, Roy discovers that Jimmy has a history of blackmailing people in vulnerable situations for money. Additionally, he did once receive assistance for his alcoholism from Hunter’s House. Helping him get into such an establishment (which costs a decent chunk of change) was some mysterious woman named Fiona Gore-Appleton. Figuring that this Hunter’s House connection could help piece together Jimmy’s murder, James and Agatha decided to give it a visit.

At Hunter’s House, James tells a staffer that Agatha is an alcoholic and in need of a place to assist her. As James is led on a tour of the facility, Agatha pokes through its records and photographs the page in which Fiona Gore-Appleton is written. Shortly thereafter, a follow up on the name doesn’t lead to any new evidence – at this point it’s unclear whether or not a person by this name actually exists.

After an investigation into another name found in the Hunter’s House books results in an unfortunate suicide, Agatha and James take a break from the case by attending the Caresly barn dance. There separately, Agatha is unimpressed by James’ ability to get on so well with some of the village’s newest residents: Juliet Comfort and Karen.

What makes Agatha especially uneasy is the thought that perhaps one of them is in fact Fiona. Since not much is known about either, determining if they are hiding anything is of the utmost importance to Agatha. Thus, she ropes James into helping her execute a new snoop.

Separately, Agatha uses her old keys to enter Karen’s home, as James finds a discreet way into Juliet’s. While Karen’s records don’t set off any red flags, Juliet’s does – in fact, she has a whole other identity. However, as this is being discovered, Juliet and Charles approach the house and see a flashlight moving around within it.

Agatha Raisin - S1E8

Suspecting an intruder, Charles goes racing into the home, subsequently leading to a footrace between James and he. Once the two come face-to-face, James explains that Juliet is not who she seems. By the time they get back to confront her about this, she is already in her car and getting ready to flee the scene.

The next night, James and Agatha take a brief break from their investigation to have a brief heart-to-heart over the issue of Jimmy. Just as James and Agatha find a common ground, someone poors gasoline into James’ home and sets it on fire. Within moments, neighbours are banging on James’ door to alert him of what’s going on. Soon enough, Agatha and James see the fire for themselves and swiftly exit the home.

In shock, James and Agatha are left to wonder who might have lit the match. At this point, Karen emerges from her home to lend a hand, noting that she witnessed a blue vehicle fleeing the scene. Not long after that, Juliet is pulled over on her way to Heathrow airport and taken in for questioning. Here, she reveals that the only reason why she changed her identity and moved to Caresly was because she was trying to escape her abusive husband.

Still searching for answers into Jimmy’s death, Agatha meets Lizzie and receives permission to look into her ex-husband’s belongings. In his stash of stuff, Agatha finds artefacts of herself, as well as a photo of Jimmy with Karen. Or, should we say, Fiona?!

As for James, he finds himself in the company of Karen on this very same day. Seeing her as a friendly figure, James accepts Karen’s invitation to lunch at her home. But, once at Karen’s place, James begins to witness some odd behaviour from the host. After she leaves the kitchen, James discovers a Hunter’s Home brochure and a photo of Jimmy inside of it.

When Karen gets back in the room, James has a lot of questions for her. She claims to have not known that Agatha was Jimmy’s ex-wife, but did admit that his presence in Caresly made her upset. After years of giving him money, she didn’t want history to repeat itself. Thus, she took Jimmy out after his encounter with Agatha.

Having the information he needs, James tries to call for police. After admitting that she would’ve loved to see his home burn to the ground, Karen knocks out James and proceeds to bring him to her backyard. As she attempts to bury him alive, the authorities burst in and stop another needless loss of life from occurring.

Agatha Raisin - S1E8

Once James comes to, he tells Agatha that he wants to fly to Cypress, alone, so that he could get some thinking done. Respecting his wishes, Agatha doesn’t try to push him on the matter. However, Bill doesn’t like the sound of this and encourages Agatha to follow him.

Agatha takes Bill’s advice and tries to reach James before his departure. Will she reach him? Well, unfortunately, we don’t have the answer to that question yet.

Thank you very much for watching the first season of “Agatha Raisin”! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

-Adam Grant

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