50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy S2E3: Exploring India’s Luxury and its Racing Rats



50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy

Upon arrival in India, Baz wastes little time driving Nancy crazy – literally. Already on edge whenever in a vehicle with her son, Nancy is almost sent all the way over after entering the duo’s first form of transportation on this new adventure. Yup, nothing says starting off a trip on the right foot like exposing your vehicle-fearing mother to a ride with no seatbelts, indicators, or mirrors.

While the pair’s first foray into India didn’t begin as stress-free as desired, Baz hopes that a familiar stunt may properly ease Nancy in. At the Mehrangarh Fort in Northern India, Baz and Nancy are set to zip line across a wire that’s 300 metres long and 70 feet in the air. Seeing as his mother recently did a similar thing in Cambodia, Baz figured this one would be a cinch. Boy, was he wrong.

Even though Nancy is prone to panicking and over-thinking many of her adrenaline-junkie tasks, this one had her particularly nervous. Her questioning of those working the zip line bordered on an interrogation, leaving Baz confused as to why something his mother had done before now has her so unsteady. To keep everything moving in the right direction, Baz offers Nancy a sizeable pep talk that builds up her confidence enough to get her attached to the wire.

Then, just like in Cambodia, Nancy zips along safely from one side of the course to the other. This time, however, she’s not overly exuberant about it, but still toughs it out. It is here when Baz realizes that sometimes he must do a better job at balancing his lofty adventure ambitions with what his mother can physically and mentally handle.

Keeping that in mind, day two for Baz and Nancy is a much more dialled back affair. The two check into a glorious palace for the night and before moving onto another heart-pounding adventure, they participate in some Bollywood dancing and the devouring of a five-star dinner.

By day three, the lap of luxury is quickly left behind as Baz and Nancy ditch frightening motor vehicles for a ride on a cart attached to the back end of a camel. It’s a bumpy ride for Nancy, but little does Baz know, their next stop will be a bumpier than anticipated experience.

Together, Baz and Nancy enter the Karni Mata Temple, which is otherwise known as the Temple of Rats. While this is an exceptionally spiritual place for many in the region, it proves to be a nightmare for Baz – someone who has an extreme phobia of rats. So then, why did he plan this trek? Well, he thought Nancy would be equally terrified of this temple. As it turned out, she was quite fine with an endless stream of rats running around her.

50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy

Throughout this experience, Baz is a nervous, frightened wreck. He has to cover his mouth to avoid squealing aloud – especially when a rat almost enters his trousers. For Nancy, of course, she acts as a supportive mother that tries to keep her son comforted. But, that doesn’t stop her from reminding Baz that everyone has their fears and that maybe there should be a “50 Ways to Kill Your Son.”

Away from the rats, Baz and Nancy look to join the rat race – otherwise known as, the corporate world. Together, the duo interview for jobs at 24/7, a sizeable call centre that handles everything from banks, to retailers, to travel companies.

To Baz’s surprise, Nancy (who hasn’t had a job interview in about 50 years) breezes through the process. Not only that, she outshines Baz. This leaves Baz in the dust as Nancy gets put on the phone to deal with real callers. Unfortunately for Nancy, this goes sideways in a hurry as too much technology and not enough know-how spells the end of her attempt to become a call centre employee. It’s just as well, as travelling around the world with your son is a much more enjoyable anyways.

For Baz and Nancy’s final stretch in India, they look to rent a beachfront property. Rest and relaxation is in mind, but Nancy just can’t get them there fast enough. For over three hours, she drags Baz through the sand as she hunts for huts with a few specific must-haves in mind: air conditioning, security and cleanliness. Baz’s only saving grace was that the place eventually decided upon was just metres from the bar.

After a brief meditation session on a deserted island, Baz and Nancy say goodbye to India with a beach party. The mother and son combo tend bar and show fellow tourists an excellent time, while Baz realizes just how close the last few trips have brought Nancy and he.

Of course, just when Baz begins to get into a sentimental, he goes off and accidentally sets one of the beach’s tilapias on fire – at least it wasn’t the hut they painstakingly hunted down. That would’ve been a drag!

On Monday, November 7 (8pm ET/5pm PT) on “50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy,” visit Mexico for a wild helicopter ride, a lesson in graffiti and a spring break experience like no other.

-Adam Grant

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