How Well Do You Know the Stars of The Kennedys Miniseries?



The Kennedys - Cast

On Monday, October 24 at 11pm ET/8pm PT, “The Kennedys” will premiere on VisionTV, right in the midst of the highly publicized American Presidential race.

The epic eight-part miniseries uses public events as a background to tell the intimate story of the Kennedy family. Throughout, viewers are taken inside some of the Kennedy’s finest moments, jaw-dropping controversies, love stories and multiple tragic events that continue to live on in infamy.

Anchored by an accomplished cast that includes Greg Kinnear (John F. Kennedy), Katie Holmes (Jacqueline Kennedy), Barry Pepper (Robert F. Kennedy), Diana Hardcastle (Rose Kennedy), Kristin Booth (Ethel Kennedy) and Tom Wilkinson (Joseph Kennedy Sr.), “The Kennedys” offers an incredible look inside the life of one of America’s most iconic Presidents, as well as the central figures – and events – that made his life so memorable.

To get you excited about our premiere of “The Kennedys,” we’ve put together a trivia challenge focused on the miniseries’ stars. Without looking at or putting Google to work, let’s see how many answers you can get off the top of your head!

-Adam Grant

“The Kennedys” airs Mondays-Thursdays at 11pm ET/8pm PT, from October 24 through November 3.

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