Our Favourite Photos from Downton Abbey’s Final Season!




While we do wish that “Downton Abbey” could’ve continued on for years to come, we feel blessed to have had such a beautiful British drama bring us so much joy. Could there be a “Downton Abbey” film in the future? Sure,  anything is possible and a lot of rumblings support the case for an eventual silver screen arrival.

For the time being, however, several “Downton Abbey” actors can be seen in new projects and we’ll always have a boatload of series memories stored away in our hearts for safe keeping.

As you could imagine, “Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes also has a number of moments from the series that continue to stick with him.

“There were many scenes I loved in this series, but perhaps I would choose either the scene where Mrs. Patmore has to tell Carson that Mrs. Hughes wants to know precisely what she is to expect from their coming marriage, or perhaps the breakfast scene where Mary tells Bertie that Edith has an illegitimate child, thereby wrecking her sister’s engagement,” said Fellowes in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. “Part of the fun of writing a series that runs over several years is that the writer and the actors develop the characters together. I don’t mean to sound vain, but I have been writing this show on my own for six years, and by the end, I really did know how to write for particular characters and how to give them situations they would make the most of. Both these scenes illustrate that marvelously. The actors were wonderful in them. But then, they were wonderful throughout.”

During the sixth and final season, we couldn’t help but be enthralled by what played out on the screen. With that in my mind, here are VisionTV’s favourite photos from the season that was!

-Adam Grant

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