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Downton Abbey - S6E6

A huge part of what has made “Downton Abbey” such a well-respected television series is the writing in which the characters bring to life. Without that crucial element, “Downton Abbey” could’ve very well become one of those costume, period dramas that looked amazing on the screen, but failed to deliver characters and storylines with depth and multiple layers worth discovering.

Fittingly, the sixth and final season of “Downton Abbey” received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series. In all, the series received 10 nominations this year, bringing it’s total to 69 over its lifespan.

“It’s extraordinary the impact it had,” said cast member Hugh Bonneville during an interview with ITV News earlier this year. “I’m using the past-tense now – because it’s gone – but it was a wonderful thing to be a part of and I really think these characters did become a part of peoples’ lives. They were very real to people, which is enchanting and lovely. But, it was the right time to end.”

“[‘Downton Abbey’] really touched a lot of people very profoundly,” offered Executive Producer, Gareth Naeme while in conversation with People. “Some people watch it and it’s just their piece of entertainment but it’s had a really profound impact. It’s been a great journey for everyone involved.”

To celebrate the beautiful wordplay often delivered on “Downton Abbey,” we look at some of its memorable quotes, thanks to the series’ official Twitter page.

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-Adam Grant



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