Let's Socialize with the Characters of Downton Abbey!



Downton Abbey Socialize

On Wednesday, June 29 at 9pm ET/6pm PT, VisionTV will premiere the sixth and final season of “Downton Abbey,” a series that will forever be remembered as one of the greatest period dramas to ever come to television.

“It’s extraordinary the impact it had,” said ‘Downton Abbey’ star Hugh Bonneville during a recent interview with ITV News. “I’m using the past-tense now – because it’s gone – but it was a wonderful thing to be a part of and I really think these characters did become a part of peoples’ lives. They were very real to people, which is enchanting and lovely. But, it was the right time to end.”

He continued: “People aren’t coming across the street to punch [me], they’re coming across the road to say, ‘I really like the show.’ Rob James-Collier, who played Thomas Barrow, he famously said: ‘In America, people will come across the street to tell you how much they love the show. In Britain, they cross the street to tell you they don’t watch it.’” {Laughs}

Ahead of the season six premiere, we felt it would be fun to catch up with some of the best social media happenings related to “Downton Abbey.” Here, we share some excellent character quotes and imagery found on the official “Downton Abbey” Twitter feed, as well as news items and photos posted online by fans and various media outlets.

To pay tribute to “Downton Abbey,” VisionTV will be hosting Downton Abbey Day at Toronto’s William Ashley. Happening Saturday, June 25 from Noon to 3pm local time, this celebration will include show trivia, fashion, dining and afternoon tea tips, not to mention some amazing prizes. Click here to learn more about what will be a truly wonderful event!

-Adam Grant

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